The Han Palace is flashy

Ling Ziqing shook his head, inadvertently saw the earring on the stage, the light seems to be untenable on it, bright to stab her eyes.

Ling Ziqing shook his head, inadvertently saw the earring on the stage, the light seems to be untenable on it, bright to stab her eyes. Ling Ziqing picked up the earring and suddenly saw two vague letters engraved on it. He got up and rushed out of the door. The earring is Su Yun's, it must be! Su Yun likes to engrave her initials on her jewelry, and although the letters engraved on the earrings are blurred, the outline of "SY" can still be seen. Su Yun must have been brought to the Han Dynasty with herself. Ling Ziqing picked it up near the Jiaofang Palace, so Su Yun is. Ling Ziqing suddenly stopped and remembered what the old witch had said. Su Yun won't be in the Jiaofang Palace. Empress Lu said that Su Yun was so far away from the Jiaofang Palace, and she knew that Su Yun was in a difficult situation by looking at Empress Lu's reaction. Dragging a heavy step back to Yuehua Pavilion, Ling Ziqing's face seemed to be covered with a gloomy black veil. Su Yun must be having a hard time now, but she can't find her. Thinking of this, Ling Ziqing finally could not help squatting down and tears filled his eyes. Hey, what's wrong with you? "A jade hand shook in front of his eyes. It was Yan Zhen." Don't scare me. I won't comfort people. " He reached out and shook Ling Ziqing's body and shed a few tears. "Well, I'll lend you a shoulder at most." Yan Zhen patted himself on the shoulder, reached out and took Ling Ziqing over, patting Ling Ziqing on the back like coaxing a child. I I'm fine. Ling Ziqing wiped his face and stood up. "You go to bed first. It's getting late." "I don't even want to lend you my shoulder. If you have something to say, just say it. How uncomfortable it is to hold it in your heart." Yan Zhen went back to the couch. "Since you said it was all right,socket screw plug, I don't care about you." Then she blew out the lamp beside the bed and buried the whole person in the quilt. Even sleeping is different from others. Ling Ziqing looked at Yan Zhen and shook his head, slanting his head and blowing out the lights around him. Since that night, Ling Ziqing has been thinking about how to find Su Yun. The palace is so big, where should she start? It's so nerve-racking. Ling Ziqing held his forehead and stared at the needle and thread on Yan Zhen's hand in a daze. Although Yan Zhen moved to Yuehua Pavilion, she still had to do the work of Yixiang Pavilion. I don't know what I did in my previous life. I have to do so much work every day. Yan Zhen angrily cut off the thread on a beautiful dress with scissors, then picked up another busy, looked up and saw Ling Ziqing staring at his hand in a daze,Steel investment casting, "Ziqing, what are you thinking about?"? If you feel bored, help me embroider beautiful clothes, or go out to fly paper kites. Paper kite? Yeah, you can use that. On the edge of the open channel, a diamond-shaped paper kite rose with two big letters written in ink on it- "SY". Paper kite, paper kite, whether you can find Su Yun depends on this. Ling Ziqing tightened the bobbin in her hand and prayed silently in her heart, hoping that Su Yun would see the paper kite she was flying and come to her. With the rotation of the reel, the kite flies higher and higher. Ling Ziqing stared at the paper kite, his eyes reflecting the shadow of the clouds floating across the blue sky. Not wanting the original straight rope to have a radian, the kite stopped at a height and did not rise again. Ling Ziqing was in a hurry and continued to turn the reel in his hand, metal stamping parts ,die cast light housing, but the rope broke away from the reel and plunged down with the paper kite in the distance, and disappeared. No, she forgot to fix the thread. Ling Ziqing knocked on his head. Look at that direction. It should be going to the open channel. After crossing the bridge, Ling Ziqing searched along the river, but he could not see the kite. When he was in a hurry, he saw a touch of white on the grass in the distance. Is that her paper kite? Ling Ziqing ran over to pick it up, but one hand grabbed it first and picked up the kite. When she turned around, it was Liu Ying. He wore a white lotus root robe today, which was embroidered with dark flowers of round clouds with silver thread. He looked very handsome. I asked who was flying the paper kite here. It was your ungrateful family. Liu Ying took the paper kite and glanced at it at random, only to see that on the pure white paper kite, the black symbol with heavy ink was so abrupt, "What symbol is this?" Really good to die, but let this Liu Ying meet. Ling Ziqing muttered in his mouth, but ignored Liu Ying's question. Bold maidservant, what are you talking about? A shrill voice sounded, Ling Ziqing was startled, and when he looked back, he found Zhang Sheren standing next to him. Isn't this sheren's ear too sharp? "No.." Did I say anything? Ling Ziqing covered his mouth and looked back and forth between Zhang Sheren and Liu Ying with a pair of eyes. Thanks to the emperor's help, you are so disrespectful to the emperor. Zhang Sheren snorted coldly and looked at the other side, too lazy to look at Ling Ziqing. Thinking of what Liu Ying had ordered him to do, he felt that it was not worth it for Liu Ying, and that the girl did not know what was good or bad. Grandfather Zhang, don't talk nonsense. The autumn wind is blowing gently. I suddenly feel a little cold. Go and get my cloak. "No." Zhang Sheren glanced at Ling Ziqing and stepped down. This Liu Ying is really puzzling, when did he help her, how can he have no impression at all? Ling Ziqing frowned slightly and looked at Liu Ying with a little more doubt in his eyes. Fall into the water for the eighth time Ling Ziqing pulled the kite out of Liu Ying's hand and carefully flattened it. In the heart actually considers Zhang Sheren just words, for a time the look in the eyes becomes blurred. He recalled that after he entered the palace, he was only helped by people inexplicably in the violent room, and the rest, he could not think of anything. Liu Ying took the opportunity to take away the paper kite from Ling Ziqing's hand. Ling Ziqing came to his senses, but only looked at him steadily. When he was in the violent room, the emperor sent someone to help the maidservant, didn't he? Ling Ziqing saw Liu Ying did not answer for a long time, the heart is more sure, "but why did the emperor help the maidservant?"? Shouldn't the maidservant be killed directly? "Then I will be like her." Liu Ying sighed lightly and looked at the cloud floating on the horizon. Although Empress Lu put him on the throne, it was because she was greedy for power. Even Shangshan Sihao, who supported Liu Ying on the surface, was only loyal to Empress Lu. Now he is isolated and helpless, the only reliable brother is far away from Qi, only to show weakness,die casting parts, it is possible to regain power. Is he talking about Empress Lu? Ling Ziqing looked at Liu Ying, his eyebrows unexpectedly revealed a touch of sadness and helplessness, glazed double pupil deep as a calm pool.


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