The Pearl of the Sea Moon

A dark shadow rushed out of the slanting thorn, hugged Hai Lanzhu's body, and fell back. During the war, Hai Lanzhu was always very cautious.

A dark shadow rushed out of the slanting thorn, hugged Hai Lanzhu's body, and fell back. During the war, Hai Lanzhu was always very cautious. Although she was supervising the battle, she paid attention to all around where she stood. She could not break away from Zhe Zhe's arm, but there was a protruding stone behind her, and there was a bright machete standing beside her. It was not a good choice to fall backwards, especially when she was pressed by Zhe Zhe. With a bang, the blood spread and the cry sounded. Chapter 272 harming others and oneself. "Gege." "The imperial concubine." "Sister, aunt." Many shouts sounded in Hailanzhu's ears, her clothes were stained with blood, her face was also stained with blood, and the sticky red on her hands like white jade was even more conspicuous. Gege, how are you? Where are you hurt? Uma rushed forward, just now she also wanted to stop Zhe Zhe Fu Jin, but Bu Mu Bu Tai'unconsciously 'blocked the route, she picked up Hai Lanzhu, anxiously shouted: "Gege, Gege, you are talking." Hai Lanzhu breathed a sigh of relief with a lingering fear and smiled indifferently at Uma. The blood stained her palm and rubbed against her clothes. "Uma, this is not my blood. I didn't hurt it. The real injury should be Zhe Zhe Fu Jin." "Aunt." Bu Mu Bu Tai glanced at the discomfited Hai Lanzhu. Seeing Zhe Zhe,warehouse storage racks, she gasped. Her face was covered with blood. She sobbed in a low voice: "It hurts, it hurts." "Help me up." Hai Lanzhu stood up with the strength of Uma's hand. She did not look at Zhe Zhe's miserable appearance, nor did she pay attention to Bu Mu Bu Tai's wailing. She looked up at Chengtou. At this time, guarding the city was the most important thing. She could not afford to lose. She shouted, "Where is the militia?"? Form a line to Chengtou to transport rolling stones and logs, and press down the Ming army, quickly. "Chirp." With the order of Hai Lanzhu, the people at the gate quickly moved. They were all bannermen,industrial racking systems, and there were even children who were not yet adults. At this time, they were already desperate. Everyone knew what would greet them if the city of Shengjing was destroyed. Soldiers in time of war, civilians in time of leisure. This is the militia. Hai Lanzhu sighed softly. That is to say, for the Jurchens, it is absolutely impossible for others to obey orders, even without training. The hard life makes them have a beast-like intuition about war. Moreover, the later Jin Dynasty still retains the tradition of shooting and hunting. Even children's shooting skills are good, which is also the reason why they can use the militia. The seesaw battle took two hours. When the sun was about to set, the frightened Hai Lanzhu heard the sound of the golden Gong in the distance. The blood slowly dispersed. After repeated battles, Chengtou finally held on. Hai Lanzhu seemed to have lost all her strength. Her feet were soft. Uma held her from behind. "Gege, Gege." "Uma, today is finally over, over." Hai Lanzhu eye red, when she saw the Ming army in the city head, shuttle rack system ,industrial racking systems, she was really afraid, originally she was not as afraid of death as she imagined, in this troubled times there are already people who can not give up. Hai Lanzhu was an imperial concubine. She couldn't let others see her vulnerability. She wiped the corners of her eyes and wiped away her tears. She met Duoduo, who was covered with blood, and asked with concern, "Are you hurt?" "It's okay." Duo Duo turned his head sideways and glanced at his shoulder, which was still carrying the arrow plume. Smiling, he pulled it out suddenly, his lips trembling. "This little injury is fine." Seeing the blood-stained Hai Lanzhu on his body, Duoduo was stupefied for a moment and asked anxiously, "Why are you also injured?"? Was it hit by a stone? "No, no, it's not my blood." Hai Lanzhu's eyes fell on Duoduo, who kept oozing blood. "I'll give you medicine. I have the best trauma medicine." Duoduo looked at Hai Lanzhu carefully up and down, and saw that she really had no wound on her body before she was relieved. She sat tired on the ground where she could avoid the cold wind. "No, I'll just rest for a while." Hai Lanzhu looked at the scarred people, not yet injured people are doing the work of cleaning up, the tragic situation is beyond her imagination, according to today's situation, tomorrow Shengjing can hold? Everyone has no confidence in their hearts, and their morale is very low. Hai Lanzhu took the medicine bottle from Uma and came to Duoduo. "Take off your clothes and I'll give you the medicine," she whispered. I said no. "Dodo turned his head to one side. His body was covered with scars. How could she see him? He closed his eyes and said," You go back. Don't make a mess here. You have to be distracted to take care of you. You can get blood all over your body at the gate. " Hai Lanzhu stroked the medicine bottle with her fingers. After thinking about it, she handed the medicine bottle to Duo's attendant. She whispered a few words. Then she sat on the ground just one step away from Duo. She also closed her eyes and said firmly, "Duo takes the medicine." Dodo opened his eyes at this time, secretly looking at the closed eyes of Hai Lanzhu, never seen her so discomfited, in the past she was dressed in gorgeous clothes, at this time her bun has been scattered, broken hair hanging down, flying with the cold wind, ruddy and delicate cheeks also appear pale, but quietly closed his eyes, not far from her lit a bonfire against the background, fell in the eyes of Dodo who had just fought a fierce battle. It soothed his restless heart, temporarily put aside his worries about tomorrow's war, and enjoyed the rare tranquility. Master, the wound has been treated. When Dodo was in a daze, his attendant had taken care of the wound. Dodo tied his clothes again, took the deerskin flagon from his attendant, and put it to his mouth. You can't drink. Put down the flagon. Hai Lanzhu smelled the wine, opened her eyes, and spoke to stop it. Duoduo's hand stiffened and continued to pour into his mouth. His nose, which was used to the smell of blood, smelled a delicate fragrance. His wrist was caught by Hailanzhu. A pair of Yingying Ruoshui appeared in front of his eyes, but with resolute eyes. I said no, the liquor will make the blood gas up,medium duty racking, which is not good for the wound. Dodo leaned back and hit the boulder behind him. "Why do you think so much now?"? Isn't there a saying that today's wine is drunk today? Hai Lanzhu snatched the flagon from Duo Duo's hand and threw it aside. "Have you no confidence?" She staggered. "Hai Lanzhu, I'll talk to you." Duoduo closed his eyes and lowered his voice: "Don't come tomorrow. If the city is broken, you can take Bubu and Arsalan to hide after makeup and wait for an opportunity to get out of the city. Go to Horqin or find the Great Khan." 。

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