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"Why on earth?" Cheng Mei asked. There was not anxiety in her voice,

"Why on earth?" Cheng Mei asked. There was not anxiety in her voice, but something close to anger. The place where I had an accident is near here. That's why I wanted to go around here. "Why?" Cheng Mei's eyes became fierce. Why must you do such a thing? Shen Jie put his hands into his pockets and shrugged his shoulders. I was wondering what I might think of if I came here for a walk. "What happened at the time of the accident?" "Yes." Cheng Mei sighed deeply and shook her head. Isn't it nice not to remember? You don't have to force yourself to remember such a bad thing. "No, only a certain part of the memory disappeared completely, this feeling is even more terrible.". If you don't want to follow me, then go home first. Is it about time you went back to the shop to get ready? Shinsuke looked at his watch. The hour is now a little past four. It's almost time for Cheng Mei to take a shower, put on makeup and go out to work. I can't leave you here alone and go back by yourself. If you accidentally have an accident, you may be seriously injured and die as a result. "I'm all right.". Ah, that's right. I'm sorry to let you carry your luggage. Let me carry it. Shinsuke held out his hand to her. It's all right, I'll take it. Cheng Mei hid the big bag with a change of clothes behind her back. Shinsuke put his hand back in his pocket, turned his back to her, and went out again. Cheng Mei thought, how can you give up like this? So he followed him in silence. The single-track road winds in a north-south direction. On the way, there is a section of road across the river,Brushless Gear Motor, which is higher than the terrain in other places. In other words, the road surface is curved up and down and left and right. Once the sky darkens, of course, the view will be worse. Shinsuke has driven here several times, but he has never felt dangerous. He wondered if he had been too careless. There is a traffic light ahead. The single-lane road is directly connected with the expressway interchange to form a crossroad. Perhaps it was because the traffic signal turned green at that time,brushless gear motor, in order to turn into the intersection quickly, so it was possible to speed up the throttle a little bit-such an idea suddenly came to Shinsuke's mind. Then he remembered that this was what he had said. When and to whom did you say that? The target should be the police. So it was the time to collect evidence at the scene? Or at the police station when you're making a statement? Shinsuke shook his head. He couldn't recall it. Further on, a building that looks like a warehouse appears on the left. He stopped when he saw the gray walls of the building. He knows this is the place. The accident happened in front of this building. The woman, named "m'měic à ihuì" in the shore, was caught between the gray wall and the bumper of the car. In Shinsuke's mind, the posture of a woman pedaling a bicycle appeared dimly. He drove up behind the woman, and then he heard wailing, crashing, and blood spattering. Why? The image of a woman pedaling a bicycle, though hazy, small geared motors ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, really existed in his memory. That is to say, Shen Jie knew that someone was riding a bicycle in front of him, but he did not avoid it. Why is this happening? Are you in a hurry? And for what reason are you in a hurry? Shen Jie pressed his temple with his hand. The headache, which should have been cured, struck again, and he wrinkled his face involuntarily. Xiao Shen! When Shinsuke realized that Narumi was calling his name, his body was leaning on Narumi. He saw Cheng Mei's handbag on the road, probably thrown out by her in a panic. Are you all right? She looked up at Shinsuke's face from below. I'm fine. I'm just a little tired. "Don't force yourself." "Wait here for a moment." Cheng Mei said and hurried out. When she reached the crossroads, she raised her hand forcefully. Looks like he's trying to stop a taxi. There is a road from Kasai Bridge Road, and the building where Shinsuke and Chengmei live is built facing that road. It takes more than ten minutes to walk from the building to the subway station, passing the Tomioka Hachimata Shrine on the way. The house they live in is 1ldk, 50 square meters, and the rent is 130,000 yuan, which is an unprecedented low price in this area. But if you see the expressway of the capital passing right above the building, you can understand why the rent is so cheap. Shen Jie opened the door and went into the room first. He immediately noticed that something was wrong with the room. First of all, the furnishings are different. Moreover, the house was so messy that there was no place to step on, but now every corner was neat. Shen Jie stepped into the room and looked around the room. What's going on here? How did it get so clean? "Doesn't it look like your own house?" "Yes." He nodded. I'm completely unrecognizable. That's all because Xiao Shen is not at home. In order to pass the boring time, people will change the furnishings in the house, which is really hard enough. "I think so." It's not just cleaning. Sung Mei is not good at all kinds of housework. She probably doesn't like to do housework either. Shen Jie could not imagine that she would endure boredom and tidy up the house so clean that even the bookshelves had been tidied up. Shinsuke never threw away his favorite magazines, even if they were out of date, he would keep them all, but he was too lazy to put them on the shelf one by one, so all the magazines were piled on the floor. Before long, there will be a mountain of magazines. There have even been five or six stacks of magazine mountains before. Now, however, there is not a single magazine on the floor except on the shelves. Shen Jie explained that Cheng Mei did it for him. When Shen Jie comes home from the hospital, if the house is dirty and messy, he will not be able to calm down. Cheng Mei may hold this idea, will be desperate to clean it. Thinking of this,Small Dc Gear Motor, Shen Jie felt that he loved Cheng Mei even more. Shen Jie sat on the loveseat beside the French window, and the carpet under the glass table was cheap, but it was replaced by a new one. Round white earthenware ashtrays with unopened Salem cigarettes and disposable lighters were placed on the table. ichgearmotor.com


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