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The man in the gray shirt also nodded and immediately looked at the corner of the pavilion: "But that guy should be able to make a move. He has something to do with Huang Ling.

At the intersection where they parted, Qu Yao did not stop. He waved to Wang Kai behind him and only said, "Goodbye." And walked away without looking back. Wang Kai touched his nose and intuited that there was a mystery in the phone call that Qu Yao had just answered. —— After hanging up the phone, Lin Fangwei quickly got up and changed his clothes, took his cell phone and change purse and went out. She went to a nearby drugstore, asked the doctor inside, took the medicine she wanted, paid for it, and when she came out, she saw a freezer at the door of the drugstore. Lin Fangwei originally wanted to take a bottle of water, approached the freezer to see that there was a popsicle that she used to eat when she was a child. She missed it a little. Although the temperature at night in early spring was still a little cool, she still bought one to satisfy her craving. Lin Fangwei bit the popsicle and walked to Aunt Wang's noodle shop. From a distance, he saw Qu Yao standing under the street lamp with his hands in his pockets and his head down. His shadow was pulled long by the dim street lamp. Lin Fangwei trotted with the unmelted popsicle in his mouth, and Qu Yao felt something and looked up in her direction. She rarely put down her hair, long black hair scattered on her shoulders, as she ran up and down, a pair of big black eyes looked at him,garden jacuzzi tub, the street lamp reflected in her eyes, became more warm. Lin Fangwei was also looking at Qu Yao, but felt that something brighter than the street lamp was flashing in his eyes. She ran to his side, holding a popsicle in one hand, chewing the popsicle in her mouth and swallowing it, and then asked, "Have you been waiting for a long time?" Qu Yao glanced at the popsicle in her hand and answered,jacuzzi bath spa, "It's not long." Then Lin Fangwei handed him the bag in his other hand: "Here you are." Qu Yao stared at the bag she was holding, his eyes confused and confused. Lin Fangwei explained, "It's some medicine for injuries from falls." Qu Yao looked at her with an uncomfortable look, but he reached out and took it indifferently. Qu Yao: "Thank you." Lin Fangwei shook his head: "I should thank you." Both of them were quiet, and there was a cat's meow or two in the distance. Lin Fangwei took a bite of the popsicle, and the crunch was even louder in this quiet spring night. Are you two going to come to aunt's place to eat noodles? Aunt Wang came out of the noodle shop and shouted to the two young men standing opposite. No, aunt, come back later. Lin Fangwei replied. All right. Aunt Wang smiled at them ambiguously and squeezed her eyes. "You can chat for a while. Aunt will go to bed." Embarrassed, Lin Fangwei took a bite of the popsicle and stammered to Qu Yao, "I'm going back. Remember to rub some medicine on it." "Mmm." Lin Fangwei turned to go. Qu Yao called out to her, "You.." "Hm?" Lin Fangwei stopped and turned around. Qu Yao did not ask what she wanted to ask, but looked at the popsicle in her hand and said, Chinese spa manufacturer ,jacuzzi swim spa, "It's still very cold at night." "Hm?" Lin Fangwei looked at the knitted sweater jacket on his body, then looked at the round collar sports short sleeves he was wearing, and said: "Then you remember to wear more clothes in the future." Qu Yao did not answer, but narrowed his eyes. Lin Fangwei thought he wanted to sleep, so he said goodbye: "Goodbye, good night." "Good night." Qu Yao clenched the bag in his hand. Qu Yao stood motionless under the street lamp, staring at the back of Lin Fangwei's departure until she turned a corner and disappeared into the alley. He looked down at the bag in his hand, recalled the warmth of her fingertips just now, and smiled faintly at the corners of his mouth. —— Lin Fangwei gently took the key to open the door, just opened a crack in the door when she heard her mother coughing violently, she immediately pushed the door open and went to the living room. Mom, are you all right? Lin Fangwei anxiously asked his mother sitting on the sofa. Mother Lin stroked her chest, which was heaving violently, and glanced at her. "Where have you been so late?" She asked coldly. Lin Fangwei took out his mother's medicine from the drawer in the living room and answered, "I went out for a walk." Mother Lin sneered, "Is Chen yuanyang coming back?" Lin Fangwei made a movement on his hand, and then pretended to be all right. He poured out two pills on his hand and handed them to Lin Mu, saying, "No." Mother Lin ignored the medicine in Lin Fangwei's hand and snorted coldly, "I'm not at home at night. If I die, no one will collect my body." Mom, what are you talking about. "Lin Fangwei frowned, turned around and poured a glass of water to his mother." Aren't you in good health now? " Lin's mother suddenly launched a frenzy, pushing the cup in Lin Fangwei's hand with her hand, and the glass fell to the ground with a harsh breaking sound. Mother Lin: "Don't pretend to be a filial daughter here. I know you wish I would die early and you would live in peace." Lin Fangwei shouted, "Mom.." "Don't call me Mom. You must hate me in your heart." Mother Lin coughed. "Blame me for not putting you through college." "Mom, I don't blame you." Lin Fangwei poured a new glass of water on the table, and there was a sense of powerlessness in his voice. "Mother Lin stood up and went to her room." Mom, please take the medicine first. Lin Fangwei ran after his mother. I'm not sick. Mother Lin walked into the room with an expressionless face. "Get out." Lin Fangwei bit his inner lip and turned to walk out of the room. After tidying up the broken glass in the living room, Lin Fangwei dragged his tired body back to his room. The moment she closed the door, she could not help but cover her mouth and throw herself on the bed and cry out. Mother is not the first time to say such words, nevertheless, every time he heard, Lin Fangwei felt the pain of ten thousand arrows piercing his heart. When Lin Fangwei was a junior, his father had a car accident and was admitted to the intensive care unit. Because he ran a red light, the perpetrator only gave part of the medical expenses, and his mother gave the family's meager savings to the hospital. In the days when her father was hospitalized, her mother persuaded Lin Fangwei to drop out of school more than once on the grounds that her family had no money for her to study, but she could not resist her insistence. Finally,outdoor whirlpool, her mother was so cruel that she stopped her living expenses and refused to give her tuition fees. She thought she would give in, but she did not expect that Lin Fangwei gritted his teeth and finished college with scholarships and part-time jobs. Lin Fangwei buried his face in the quilt and cried, tearing his heart and lungs every time he cried. She thought of Chen yuanyang.

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