The Beast World of Mildewed Women

Guan Minmin supported his chin with one hand and looked at the man frowning with tears.

Guan Minmin supported his chin with one hand and looked at the man frowning with tears. Such an expression can only be seen from the face of the boat. As for Wei Boating, I'm afraid she can't imagine what it would be like for him to cry all her life. The boat is good. Don't cry. You are a brave child. She communicated with him in the way she spoke to a child. I I don't want to be a brave boy. The boat shrugged its nose. Ga? "But, but I will listen to Didi Bear." He continued, trying to blink back the tears that were about to fall out. That's good. She couldn't help reaching out and stroking his short, soft hair. The boat is very good. He almost enjoyed her touch, stretching his neck, putting his head around her neck, and rubbing her neck like a spoiled child. This is too.. Touching his hair, his hand stiffened on the spot. Guan Minmin looked awkwardly at Bai Rigao, who was still helping the boat with the medicine. From the other side's eyes, she could clearly see a narrow smile. Boat, you.. Uh, come on. Don't cross the line of sight, Guan Minmin said. She was too embarrassed to push him away because of his injuries, so she blushed and coughed a few times. Didi Bear. Ignoring her words, he said to himself, "The boat will be very good, very good, so don't leave the boat,316l stainless steel pipe, okay?"? Because Xiaozhou doesn't want Didi Bear to disappear again. Xiaozhou wants to be with Didi Bear forever. "Little.." The boat.. His excessive intimacy made her blush more red. He used the body of an adult, but said childish words to her, at the moment, she could not regard him as a pure 8-year-old child. The beautiful face was so close to her. His hair was on her cheek, and his lips were almost on the back of her neck. Such a posture reminds her of the lingering posture of animals when their heads and necks are intertwined. People, as if floating, the heartbeat also began to accelerate. Oh,316 stainless steel plate, God! She has evil thoughts in her mind and body! Doesn't she always only like cooks? Never care about other people's appearance, only care about how many delicious dishes can be cooked on each other's hands. But now, she had a feeling of being fascinated by him. You "Didi Bear, will you promise the boat?" He continued in a pleading tone. Then you sit well first and don't lean on me like this. She made the request, and her face was so hot that she was embarrassed to look in the direction of the day. OK His head finally left her shoulder and he sat upright like a pupil in class. His back was straight, and his eyes were shining and looking at her longingly. "Didi Bear!" He urged her. Boat, even if I leave you, it doesn't mean. "No, I don't want Didi Bear to leave me, I don't want, we want to be together forever and ever!" The boat said stubbornly. A head is like a wave drum, and the whole person is anxious. Guan Minmin bit his lip at a loss. It was the first time she felt that she was so needed, as if the person in front of her could not lose herself at all. Will you be with the boat forever and ever? His hand did not know when to grasp her hand, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x56 line pipe, the eyes like jade, like a spring. Can't refuse, to such a look, she can't refuse. OK Unconsciously, the answer blurted out like this. After dealing with the injury on the back of the boat, Bai Rigao changed the boat into ordinary clothes and put on sunglasses that almost covered half of his face. All right, you take the boat back to his villa first. Here's the key. As for driving, you can drive. Said Bai Rigao, taking out a handful and handing it to Guan Minmin. Yes. She nodded in a daze, then felt wrong, "Why should I drive him back to the villa, you?" "I have to stay to deal with some things, as to why you-" said the day high, glancing at Guan Minmin's right hand held tightly by the boat, "if you have a way to convince the boat, I don't mind the substitution." “……” With a sigh, Guan Minmin resigned and hung his head. Well, well, I've been a nanny once last time, and I don't mind being a nanny again. An hour later, Guan Minmin finally drove the car and took the boat back to the villa where he lived. The second time I came here, I didn't have the same exaggerated expression as the first time. As soon as she entered the door, she went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and checked whether there was anything to eat inside. There are a lot of things in the refrigerator, but unfortunately there are not many things that can be eaten directly. Just drinks, tomatoes, and some fruit. Having no choice but to take some dumplings from the freezer, Guan Minmin began to look for a pot. What are you doing, Didi Bear? Standing at the door of the kitchen, the boat asked curiously. Cook something for you to eat. She said, putting some water in the pot and opening the gas hood. Although she can't cook, at least she has the "ability" to finish the frozen food. Oh The boat muttered. Xiaozhou, listen carefully. Turning around, Guan Minmin solemnly said to the man in front of him, "If you are a man, you should master a craft well, which is conducive to the long-term development of the future, do you know?"? Now there are fewer and fewer good men in the kitchen, so you must learn to cook well and master cooking skills in the future, do you understand? Education should start with children. She didn't have the courage to say these words to Wei Boating, so she could only say them to Xiaozhou. So Didi Bear will like the boat? He is obviously more interested in cooking. Yes! She nodded as a matter of course. How could she not like a good man who can cook? Then I will learn to cook well. He nodded his head solemnly. Be good. She smiled with satisfaction. Touched his head. He turned to deal with the boiled dumplings in the pot. By the way,316ti stainless steel, Xiaozhou, do you remember what happened to you? As if suddenly remembering, Guan Minmin asked.


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