Sixty Qing Ping Ji [ancient through modern]

Sixty Qing Ping Ji [ancient through modern]

There are four main rooms in the three-entry main courtyard, with two ear rooms on each side. There is a small open space surrounded by stones in the courtyard, which should have been used by the ancestors to plant flowers. The courtyard of the second entrance is in the shape of back, except for the passage leading to the main house and the front yard, and a deep well not far from the passage, they are all houses of similar size. As soon as the house enters the courtyard, except for the ear rooms on both sides of the gate, the rest of the courtyard is surrounded by bricks against the wall. It used to look like a place for planting flowers. In addition, it is a flat ground paved with bluestone slabs. There is a lot of space. It should be a place for running and walking circles. The Sun Jianguo was not at home, and there were only five children in the house, so it seemed very empty to live in the courtyard of Sanjin. Even if the house is cleaned, it is also troublesome. The second house is all locked up, leaving only the third main yard for their family to live in, and the first yard for the children to walk around. Originally, the idle land for planting flowers was also used to grow seasonal vegetables because of the environment. The four main houses have two doors and two rooms inside and outside. My parents live in the east main house, and Xinyan lives in the west main house with her two children. There are two houses and four walls in the middle, if the Sun Jianguo is also there, you can definitely be very satisfied with the sound insulation effect of the house. The furniture is made of wood. Xinyan's room has a two-meter bed, a wardrobe, a dressing cabinet and a table. There are also benches and tea tables, tables and stools in the outer room. The furniture is complete and intimate. My parents are decorating the house with their heart. Xinyan tidied up things in the house,Inflatable dry slide, happily followed her grandparents, walked around the house inside and outside a few times, and opened the locked door to let them see the rare and familiar environment of the new home. The neighbors around the house, according to my parents, are all unfamiliar names. The neighbors that my father was familiar with in those days have long disappeared. Maybe they have died of illness, maybe they have moved, or maybe they have long been submerged in the torrent of turmoil. How many people can leave their names. The advantages of living in an old house are obvious. The walls are thick and the roof is deep. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. In the hot dog days, as long as the sun is strongest at noon,inflatable floating water park, the house is quiet and cool. Even in the hottest noon, sprinkle some cool well water on the floor of the outer room, and then lay a big straw mat, the two little guys can have a good nap without any dryness. When Lezhishunzhi got used to the environment of his new home for two days, Feng Tianxing and his wife took Xinyan's mother and son to visit the famous scenic spots in Kyoto for ten days in a row. I don't know if it's because history always overlaps, but the Forbidden City, where emperors lived in successive Dynasties, the aerial view of the buildings and the style of Zhuang Hong are almost the same as what Xinyan saw in her previous life. Lived in the new home for more than a month, the day Xinyan follow Feng Tianxing together, go to Zhu old leader home, Xinyan health ability than dad, especially dad said can through the hands of the old leader, to go to the border Sun Jianguo to send letters and things in the past. The news was a pleasant surprise for Xinyan. You should know that Kyoto is the capital of a country, food, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable outdoor park, clothing, shelter and transportation are not comparable to the general city, in addition to a few bottles of stewed meat and bean sauce, Xinyan also made a lot of pills under the abundant medicinal materials. There are many kinds of pills, which are packed separately in moisture-proof plastic bottles. There are pills for enriching blood and invigorating qi, pills for clearing heat and detoxifying, and medicines for stopping bleeding and diminishing inflammation. Because spent more than 100 yuan, bought a good ginseng, Xinyan used half of the ginseng to make health pills, repeatedly told him in the letter to keep it close to his body, three days a pill, and when she finished eating, she sent it to him. Had it not been for the fact that the medicine of the health-preserving pills would have volatilized after being kept for a long time, she wanted to make the whole ginseng into health-preserving pills and send them to him. Xinyan followed her father to Zhu's house and said hello to the old leader under his father's introduction. Xinyan saw that her father's expression was close and understood that she got along well with the old leader. He put down his luggage bag and sat with his father for a moment. After waiting for dad to feel the pulse as a rule, let Xinyan come over and feel the pulse to see if she can prepare a suitable health tonic. Of course, when people are old, drinking medicinal soup is too harmful to their appetite, and medicinal diet will be better. Xinyan did not have stage fright either. She sat down and put her finger on the pulse of the old leader with a kind face. She felt the pulse carefully and calmly. Judging from the pulse condition, the medicine prescribed by Dad is very suitable, but he often drinks decoction and has a bad appetite. Xinyan made health pills solid Peiyuan, the old leader is also suitable for taking, the effect will be less suffering than drinking decoction. In fact, there are not many serious illnesses of the old leaders, and they are all old illnesses. As a thank you to the old leader for his help, Xinyan gave him ten health pills and asked him to take one every five days. After a moment's consideration, she opened a medicinal diet for diet therapy. The old leader could not understand what the medicinal diet was, but after asking Xinyan about the efficacy of the health pills, he asked the guards to pour warm water and take it on the spot. Xinyan sat beside her father, quietly listening to his father and the old leader's feelings about his youth, and then pointing to the snakeskin bag she had brought, she said the purpose of this visit: "My daughter is worried that my uncle is at the front. She wrote a letter and prepared a lot of medicine and food. She would like to ask you to help send it with other supplies.". We can't do anything in the back. We just send something with our hearts. The two grandchildren in the family are only two years old. In the first two days, they asked their mother for their father every day. The old leader also sighed: "They are all good comrades. You can rest assured that the logistics people will give things to your son-in-law in person.". When this battle is won. Transfer your son-in-law to the Kyoto Military District, and the child can often see his father. The premise is that the Sun Jianguo can come back alive, the meaning of the old leader's words Xinyan understood, and there was no excitement in his heart. She now only hoped that the Sun Jianguo would come back alive, that there would be nothing left after death, and that there would be hope only when she was alive. The father and daughter sat down for a while, then left something, got up, declined the polite meal, and left to go home. The two children are at home, mainly because Lezhi's energy is good. Now the home is wide, and Lezhi runs away crazily in the yard without paying attention. It's normal for children to bump into each other and learn how not to fall down after a pain, but the two old people can't see their children bump into each other, so they must follow behind to rest assured. Mother is now in good health, but after all, the age is not as good as when she was young,Jumping castle with slide, Xinyan does not trust her to watch the little guy at home alone, go back earlier and do not delay making lunch. Residents in twos and threes near the place where the old leader lived were all of the same status as the old leader, heavily guarded but quiet.


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