Cash App Bitcoin Sending Limits: How Much Money Can You Send?

Cash App Bitcoin Sending Limits: How Much Money Can You Send?

As a regular user of Cash App, you may be interested in the restrictions on the transfer and receipt of money. Cash App offers safe money transfer services that use the highest level of encryption for data to protect your data; it also offers features like fingerprint unlocking using facial recognition unlocking, along with passcodes or PIN security settings, as well as account notifications to keep you safe and well-informed.

Cash App offers users various features that permit users to send and receive fiat currency and virtual currency such as Bitcoin. When you first sign-up using Cash App, there may be limited sending and receiving. However, you can increase Cash App Bitcoin limit by verifying your identity through the app. For this, you must submit documents proving your name, birthdate, date of birth, and SSN number to prove your identity. Let's get started and find out more about it.


What is the Cash App Bitcoin sending limit?

The Cash App Bitcoin sending limit refers to the maximum amount of Bitcoin you can transfer within a specified time frame. The Cash App has set daily and weekly limits for Bitcoin transactions. The limits can be altered earlier, and verifying the latest information on the Cash App website or within the application is vital. Below mentioned are the different Cash App Bitcoin limits:

  • Daily Limit: You can transfer as much as $2,000 in Bitcoin within 24 hours with the Cash App.
  • Weekly Limit: Weekly limit permits users to transfer the equivalent of $5,000 Bitcoin within a 7-day continuous period.

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How Can I increase my Cash App Bitcoin sending limit?

Cash App has been taking the world of transactions with its peer-to-peer service, which lets users transfer and receive money without bank charges. However, like any other service that provides financial transfer services, there are some restrictions on these transactions to ensure the security and compliance of users. If you want to increase Cash App Bitcoin sending limit, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, you must complete an identity verification procedure; it requires you to provide information about yourself and your address to prove your identity as the account's owner.
  • Sometimes additional documents could be required to verify this assertion.
  • When the Cash App account is verified, the sending limit will increase, allowing you to purchase more Bitcoin each week than you did previously.


What is the Cash App Bitcoin sending limit per day?

This Cash App Bitcoin limit for sending is the highest amounting of cryptocurrency you can transfer using the Cash App every day. It is intended to guard against unauthorized transactions. The Cash App Bitcoin limit per day will be reset automatically each day. However, in the event of a need, you can present proof of identification through the app and then contact support to request it be raised manually. This means that in 24 hours, you can send as much as $2,000 in Bitcoin for other Cash App users as well as external Bitcoin addresses.


Can I send Bitcoin internationally with Cash App?

Cash App is quickly becoming an extremely sought-after, peer-to-peer payment platform in the US. It has overtaken Venmo in downloads, becoming the third-most downloaded money application. Customers who use Cash App enjoy its many options, including direct deposits into checking accounts and ATM withdrawals through the Cash App Card and selling and buying bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Cash App serves customers within the United States, and its Bitcoin services are typically restricted to transactions within the United States. International Bitcoin transfers are not available directly through the Cash App. If you are looking to transfer Bitcoin abroad, you might require a look at alternative exchange platforms for cryptocurrency that provide these services.



Understanding Cash App Bitcoin sending limits is paramount for a seamless and secure Bitcoin transaction experience. By knowing your limits, verifying your account, and following Cash App's guidelines, you can maximize your potential on this platform and send Bitcoin with confidence. Stay informed, stay secure, and enjoy the world of digital finance with Cash App.


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