The dawn of Hanwu

Liu Xi was very puzzled and said, "You are so strange today. What can I see?"? It's not like you don't know him?

Liu Xi was very puzzled and said, "You are so strange today. What can I see?"? It's not like you don't know him? "Your Majesty's dragon body is ill. The empress should take care of your Majesty. You should also be careful." Huo Qubing was not good at beating around the Bush. He said directly, "I heard from the imperial physician that Your Majesty is all right, but it's not a good thing to be dizzy because of ear disease. In addition, what happened to Lady Li.." "You mean?" Liu Xi's face turned white, and the fear of the previous two days came back to his mind. When Huo Qubing saw Liu Xi like this, he felt a little distressed. "Don't be afraid," he said. "Your Majesty won't implicate many people. The empress also said that people need stability now." "No, no, Huo Qubing, you don't know." Liu Xi began to circle back and forth, always feel that there is something wrong, Liu Xi hugged his head, "calm, calm, can not mess, to calm down." Huo Qubing grabbed Liu Xi's hands and wrists and pulled her hands down from her head. The cool little hands were soft. Liu Xi looked up at Huo Qubing, who was close at hand. His eyes were so bright and spiritual. "Huo Quxing, I..". I ... I'm really scared 。” "Don't worry, it's all right." Huo Qubing can't comfort girls at all, and he has never had the experience of comforting girls. Instead, he has made many aristocratic girls cry. Liu Xi frowned and shook his hand and said, "Your grip hurts me so much." Huo Qubing reaction to come over, although reluctant but also can only let go. His face was flushed. He looked down at Liu Xi and said, "I will protect Princess Xi." "Even if it conflicts with his father's orders?"? Even if everyone is on my side? Liu Xi raised his eyes and Huo Qubing looked at each other, "Huo Qubing, you can only come to me,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, I appreciate the kindness." Liu Xi said with a faint smile, "You are the most valued general of my father, and you were trained by my father himself. You are Huo Qubing. I, the princess of the big fellow, have no pass that cannot be crossed." Huo Qubing stared at Liu Xi, at this moment Huo Qubing thought Liu Xi was the most beautiful, Huo Quxing cheek dimples reappeared, dark eyes flashing with a warm and clean smile, "You are the emperor's favorite princess, will not do anything harmful to the emperor,sonicator homogenizer, how can there be a conflict with the emperor's orders?"? As for others, when have I ever cared about Huo Qubing? Princess Xi, I have never changed, and the promise I made will be fulfilled. Liu Xi shook his head gently, "I don't need you to do any current affairs, nor do I need you to protect me. You should know that no one dares to hurt and frame me." Liu Xi knows that sooner or later, she will have a conflict with Liu Che's command, which is inevitable, Huo Qubing or when Liu Che's big loyal minister, suddenly Liu Xi remembered what Liu Piao had said, Liu Xi smile more and more strange, conflict will never be on the surface, with the big fellow emperor conflict on the surface, you will always suffer. The Empress Dowager has fainted in the Changle Palace. "Captain Yao, please go back," said Liu Xi. "I want to go to the Changle Palace." "Princess Xi.." Huo Qubing grabbed Liu Xi's arm again and said slowly, "Liu Xi, if you have something to do, send me a letter." Liu Xi smiled indifferently, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, broke away from Huo Qubing's hand and walked to Changle Palace, Huo Qubing stood in place for a while, longitudinal horse out of the palace, Huo Quxing's heart seemed to have a fire, irritable and restless, Huoqu disease know should not be close to Liu Xi at this time, but he could not help but care about Liu Xi, this Huoqu disease can not deny, Huoquan disease clenched the reins, staring ahead, Go to the battlefield will forget her, Liu Che hint he is not not clear, only success is possible to marry Liu Xi, Huo Qubing don't understand, he wants to marry Liu Xi? The queen mother since out of the Li Waner false pregnancy afterwards, was Liu Che almost house arrest in Changle palace can't move, under the fire, the queen mother is not very good body, more and more weak, sometimes will scold Liu Che unfilial a few words, the queen mother is cherish life, she knows if she died, only cheap Gillian, so the queen mother try to calm down, Try to take good care of her body, and the Wangs of the Tian family are still watching her. Princess Xi. Outside the Changle Palace, Tian Yu, who had not entered the palace for a long time, said, "I would like to pay my respects to Princess Xi." 。 .。 Chapter 155 hidden danger. Huo Qubing and Chen Cheng are the most beautiful people in the world, and few of their peers can compete with them, but Tian Yu is an exception. Huo Qubing, who is as fierce as fire, and Chen Cheng, who is as gentle as jade, can not cover up Tian Yu's own glory. Liu Xi also can't say Tian Yu in the end where is better, intuition told her that Tian Yu can't easily provoke, although Tian Yu to Liu Xi is always smiling accordingly, but in the past few years, Tian Yu's work is more and more sinister, help Tian Fen get rid of many political enemies, even if Wei Qihou Douying has the calculation of Tian Yu, Tian Yu smiled again kindly, Liu Xi for such a person will feel cold, He is like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark, not knowing when he will bite you. Cousin Tian. Liu Xi nodded to Tian Yu and wanted to go into the Changle Palace. "This princess is going to visit the grandmother first." Liu Xi didn't want to stay with Tian Yu for a while. "Princess Xi, please stay," said Tian Yu. "I have something to say." Liu Xi's back is cold, playing twelve points of energy, "what's the matter?"? Is it about the grandmother's illness? Grandmother Huang is ill, and Tian Biao must be very worried. "I am very worried about the illness of the Empress Dowager, but I ask Princess Xi to stop today because I want to say a few words to Princess Xi." Tian Yu stood with Liu Xi, Tian Yu's figure is not as strong as Huo Qubing, nor as slender as Chen Cheng, Tian Yu is relatively thin, only half a head higher than Liu Xi, "Princess Xi, do you know the matter of the court?" Liu Xi raised his eyes and looked at Tian Yu and said, "My father once said in front of the general that he would appoint Brother Xu as the crown prince. Is that what you want to say?" "One day the holy order has not been given,ultrasonic cutting machine, one day there will be variables, the emperor is not sick?"? When the emperor's dragon body improves, Princess Xi will dare to guarantee that there will be no change in the reserve? 。


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